Oüm and his friends invite your children to play along in a series of educational and interactive games in a playful atmosphere. Created for children aged 2 to 5 years old.

DVD Demo

Animated by puppets and featuring children and animals
Original nursery rhymes and songs
English and French versions available on the same DVD
We recommend your child watches the same session many times over before moving on to the next session so that she/he takes assurance and is proud of her/his achievements
More info on the product page.

Another great review, this time, from Daily Candy!

When you’re looking for another educational avenue, direct her to a new ami named Oüm. The cheerful blue puppet — and star of his own DVD (…) Oüm rallies kiddos to dance, act out original nursery rhymes, and imitate animals. Shot in a refreshingly simple style (puppets, animals, and children pop against a white background), the show is divided into three twenty-minute sessions packed with interactive games and call-and-response prompts — so little viewers aren’t likely to lose focus.

Plus, the creative team worked with an art and family therapist, which means all the fun and games have been designed to improve a child’s visual-spatial processing, motor development, and tempo awareness as well.

And that’s a road you’ll definitely want to go down.

My DVD is now available in 26 stores!

I am thrilled to announce that my DVD can now be found in 3 new stores : Toys with Love in Chester NJ, Smart Toys and books in Knoxville, TN, and The Village Toy Shop in N. Easton, MA.  Plus I met a lot of friends at the Toy Fair; some want to put me in daycares and home schooling programs  :)


We are tremendously happy that, for a second time, we win an award.  Especially that the Tillywig Brain Child award is about exciting products that energize the mind while seamlessly blending fun and learning.

Oum won brain child award

oum wins brain child award

getting ready for the Toy Fair booth 5932

We are very excited and ready for the Toy Fair 2011 in New York next week!  If you are going, please come and say hello at booth 5932!  Oüm, Christine and Sophie :)

I just went to see Santa!

Today I went to visit Santa!

Happy Holidays to all my friends :)  Oüm

I went to see Santa today

Santa and I

Some pictures of my play day

Oum stack of leaves

Oum stack of leaves

we played hide & seek

Oum playing hide and seek

Oum playing hide and seek

Matis found Oum

playing hide and seek

we had a huge pile of leaves

Oum is playing in a stack of leaves

Oum loves to play in a stack of leaves

I threw some in the air

Oum eating a leaf

Oum season fall and eating leaf from a stack

Even got a great hog!

Oum gets a big hug

Oum gets a big hug from Matis

pictures courtesy of JE Photography

A new place to find my DVD : Indiana!

Wilbur’s Lincolnwood Toys starts carrying my DVD! They should receive them today :)

A new place to find my DVD : Arizona!

Both Doll House & Toy Stores (Phoenix, Scottsdale) start carrying my DVD! They should receive them today :)

my DVD is now available in 9 states!

Brilliant Sky Toys, Toys & Co and Rainbow Toys received my DVDs today :)

My DVD is now available in 5 states

Toy Town in Key Biscayne & Timmy’s Toy Chest in Lake Mary FL received my DVDs today. Houray!!!

Creative Kidstuff (8 stores) in MN received them 2 weeks ago :)


« Our 20 month old daughter adores Oüm and ask for it non-stop… beautiful production… we recommend it to all our friends »

« … my children are crazy about Oüm! Mathias dances as soon as the opening starts. A while ago, he was very ill and Oüm brought back his smile and the desire to move… »

« … my two kids (2 and 5) have a lot of fun moving together with Oüm’s songs and games. These courses build a beautiful complicity between them. »